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 * file network.h - shared functions for server and clients
 * $Id: network.h,v 1.32 2005/02/26 23:34:51 lodott Exp $
 * Program XBLAST 
 * (C) by Oliver Vogel (e-mail: m.vogel@ndh.net)
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
 * by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2; or (at your option)
 * any later version
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be entertaining,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of 
 * Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
 * with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.
 * 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

#include "event.h"
#include "cfg_main.h"
#include "cfg_game.h"
#include "atom.h"
#include "version.h"

 * game config atoms in remote database
#define LOCALGAMECONFIG(id) atomArrayHost0[id]
#define SERVERGAMECONFIG atomServer
 * type definition for network events
typedef enum {
  XBNW_None = 0,
  XBNW_Accepted,          /* connection to client accepted */
  XBNW_GameConfig,        /* client has send game config */
  XBNW_RightPlayerConfig, /* client has send player config */
  XBNW_LeftPlayerConfig , /* client has send player config */
  XBNW_Joy1PlayerConfig,  /* client has send player config */
  XBNW_Joy2PlayerConfig,  /* client has send player config */
  XBNW_Disconnected,      /* connection to client accepted */
  XBNW_StartGame,         /* server wants to start game */
  XBNW_EndOfInit,         /* client is initialized */
  XBNW_LevelConfig,       /* server has sent level data 10*/
  XBNW_SyncEndOfInit,     /* sync after level intro */
  XBNW_SyncLevelIntro,    /* sync after level intro */
  XBNW_SyncLevelResult,   /* sync before level results are calculated */
  XBNW_SyncLevelEnd,      /* sync after level end */
  XBNW_SyncScoreboard,    /* sync after scoreboard 15*/
  XBNW_HostIsIn,          /* host is in game */
  XBNW_HostIsOut,         /* host is out of game */
  XBNW_TeamChange,        /* Team Change */
  XBNW_TeamChangeData,    /* Team Change Data*/
  XBNW_Error,             /* error while writing to host */
  XBNW_PingReceived,      /* received ping from client  */
  XBNW_NetworkGame,       /* a new network game was added to the list */
  XBNW_HostChange,        /* host state changed */
  /* no new message behind this line */
} XBNetworkEvent;

 * type definition for network events
typedef enum {
  XBNT_None = 0,          /* no networking going on */
  XBNT_Server,            /* acting as server */
  XBNT_Client,            /* acting as client */
} XBNetworkType;

/* client state */
typedef enum {
  XBHS_Wait,   /* waiting for client to send player data */
  XBHS_In,     /* client is in the game */
  XBHS_Out,    /* client is out of the game */
  XBHS_Server, /* host is server */
  XBHS_Ready,  /* host is ready to start */
} XBHostState;

/* team state */
typedef enum {
  XBTS_Invalid,  /* invalid team tag */
  XBTS_None,  /* no team tag */
  XBTS_Red,   /* unknown if this is good */
} XBTeamState;

/* team color assignment */
const XBColor teamColors[NUM_XBTS];

/* results of game config receive/create */
typedef enum {
  XBGC_Unfinished,       /* still waiting for data */
  XBGC_HostInvalid,      /* invalid host id */
  XBGC_Empty,            /* game config with no players received */
  XBGC_TooManyPlayers,   /* game config contains too many players to handle */
  XBGC_NoVersion,        /* no version found */
  XBGC_Local,            /* local game config received */
  XBGC_Global,           /* global game config with all players received */
  XBGC_Error,            /* game config received is invalid */
  XBGC_SingleTeam,       /* single team for all players when creating */
} XBGameConfigResult;

 * global prototypes

/* init */
extern void Network_ClearHost(unsigned id);
extern void Network_Clear();

/* events */
extern void Network_ClearEvents();
extern XBNetworkEvent Network_GetEvent (unsigned *pId);
extern void Network_QueueEvent (XBNetworkEvent msg, unsigned id);

/* type of network */
extern XBNetworkType Network_GetType ();
extern void Network_SetType (XBNetworkType type);

/* local host id */
extern void Network_ReceiveLocalHostId(unsigned id);
extern unsigned char Network_LocalHostId();

/* ping times */
extern int Network_GetPingTime (unsigned id);
extern void Network_ReceivePing (unsigned id, int ping);

/* player atoms */
extern XBAtom Network_GetPlayer (unsigned id, int player);
extern XBAtom Network_GetPlayer2 (unsigned id, int player);
extern void Network_SetPlayer (unsigned id, int player, XBAtom atom);
extern void Network_SetPlayer2 (unsigned id, int player, XBAtom atom);
extern XBBool Network_GetFirstOtherPlayer(unsigned char id, unsigned char pl, unsigned char *host, unsigned char *player);
extern XBBool Network_GetNextOtherPlayer(unsigned char id, unsigned char pl, unsigned char *host, unsigned char *player);
/* host data */
extern unsigned Network_HostPlayerMax(unsigned);

/* game configs */
extern XBGameConfigResult Network_CreateGlobalGameConfig(CFGGame *cfg);
extern XBGameConfigResult Network_ReceiveGameConfig (unsigned id, const char *data);
extern unsigned Network_CreateLocalPlayers(unsigned);
extern unsigned Network_CreateGlobalPlayers(unsigned);
extern unsigned Network_GetMaskBytes();

/* player configs */
extern XBAtom Network_ReceivePlayerConfig (CFGType cfgType, unsigned id, int player, const char *line);

/* state requests */
extern XBBool Network_ReceiveHostState (unsigned id, XBHostState state);
extern XBBool Network_ReceiveTeamState (unsigned host, unsigned player, XBTeamState team);
extern XBBool Network_ReceiveHostStateReq (unsigned who, unsigned id, XBHostState state);
extern XBBool Network_ReceiveTeamStateReq (unsigned who, unsigned host, unsigned player, XBTeamState team);
extern void Network_SetDefaultTeams(unsigned host, unsigned player);
extern XBTeamState Network_GetDefaultTeam (unsigned id, unsigned player);
extern XBHostState Network_GetHostState (unsigned id);
extern XBBool Network_HostIsIn(unsigned id);
extern XBHostState * Network_GetHostStateReq (unsigned id);
extern XBTeamState Network_GetTeamState (unsigned id, unsigned pl);
extern XBTeamState * Network_GetTeamStateReq (unsigned id, unsigned pl);
extern XBBool Network_HostReqClientsAgree(unsigned host, XBHostState state);
extern XBBool Network_ClientsReady();
extern XBBool Network_TeamReqClientsAgree(unsigned host, unsigned player, unsigned state);

 * end of file network.h

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